Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Left : Revlon Fire and Ice Super Lustrous lipstick on lovely model Gara Noel at Models One. Right : Applying Revlon Cherry Blossom to gorgeous  Ella Catliff .

If you live in fear fear of wearing red lipstick stop now !  Depending on the shade and finish there will always be one perfect for you !

In order to choose a SHADE take a look at your skin tone/colour :
Pale porcelain : Try a blue/pink toned red to make your skin tone warmer.
Olive skin : Try a lovely raspberry/berry  red  with your warm skin tone or an orange based red.
Black skin : Can look wonderful with rich dark plum shades.
No rules are ever set in stone though as hair colour , outfit and your mood are important ! Just experiment !

*Start with with well moisturized but dry lips, exfoliate if needed as strong lipstick will accentuate faults!
*For maximum longevity start with a thin layer of concealer or lipbase.
*Line with a lipliner that matches your lipstick to prevent feathering .
*Apply lipstick with a lipbrush tracing the shape of your lips carefully evening out uneven lips.
*Blot and repeat if you want your lipstick to last .
* Add lipgloss if required!

TEXTURE is often more important !
*Try a stain effect rubbed in to lips with your fingers for a more subtle but modern look without the need for perfect edges.
*Sheer balm-like textures are good for a fresh young look.
*Matt lipstick is great for a sophisticated look and will last the longest .

*Pull your index finger through your lips to prevent lipstick on your teeth .
*Pair a bold red lip with a nude eye for a modern look.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Apply Resultime all over face before moisturizer

So i've now been using the Resultime Collagen Gel for about 6 weeks now so its about i talked about the results! To begin with its such a gorgeous product to use as the colour is a really pretty pink , and it smells so fresh. I use it after toning my face, and before moisturizer. It sinks in really quickly so you don't have to wait too long before applying moisturiser. My skin is definitely more hydrated , and and the surface is smoother. It is a godsend on shoots when i am working with a model with parched and jet - lagged skin! Its also wonderful to use in a thick layer all over the skin when a shot of hydration is required , particularly after sun exposure.

I am still barely halfway through the jar as a little goes a long way !

[RRP approx £47.00 ]


From left to right : Vogue #7605 semi matte lipstick , Luminizer #1152 , Lilac lipstick #7414 , Shining Lipstick #7273 , Sketch eye shadow pencil #0301 , Shining Lipstick 7264
I had the chance to try out the Lord&Berry Make-up  range from Milan  today at Pure Pr , its a lovely range that specializes mostly  in colours for eyes and lips .
          There are some especially good nude lipshades and the Shining lipstick pencils are a gorgeous
          quick and easy way to apply lipstick ! I also loved the highlighting "luminizer " in Moon          which is the perfect way to highlight eyes and cheekbones. There is also a great range of eye pencils , i love "Sketch" , a thick khol , perfect for a smudgy,smoky eye. All in all a great and Good value range ! [ And just launched in Selfridges :] !  ]

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Alexander Mcqueen Pre -Fall Menswear 2014 Lookbook.

 Here are a few images from the shoot i did for the Alexander Mcqueen Pre-Fall 2014 Lookbook.
Hair and Make-up  Carol Morley
Photography : Timor Celikdag
Set Design : Alun Davies