Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Behind the scenes at our shoot with amazing Lowe H Seger

Here's a few shots taken behind the scenes at our shoot with amazing photographer Lowe H Seger.The styling was by Lindha Portman Sagum, the model is Lisa V at Premier, hair by Teiji Utsumi and make -up by me.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


 Today sees our Chiffon summer dress story "A Bold Statement" shot in Ibiza out in Stylist Magazine. We spent a day in the most incredible crumbling location, an abandoned amphitheatre,  filled with the most amazing graffitti.

The kaleidoscopic colours of the dresses was the perfect opportunity to make very strong rainbow eyes make-up and big afro curled hair !

Styling : Alexander Fullerton.
Fashion Assistant: Morag Paterson
Photographer:Kate Martin
Photographers assistant: Barnaby Newton
Model: Valeria Garcia
Hair and Make up: Carol Morley using make-up by Shu Uemura and hair products by Bumble & Bumble.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Summer Outdoor Sport Beauty Essentials

Inspired by my "Race for Life" for cancer run on 03/07/11 in Blackheath i wanted to share my basic "Beauty" essentials to help get through a 10k run [or any outdoor summer sports.]

WATER -Before,during and after. Sounds obvious, but just a small amount of dehydration will result in a drop in energy levels.
SUNSCREEN- I used Clinique body spray in SPF 25 which is incredibly effective and easy to apply.Also Clinique Targeted Protection stick in SPF 35 which is perfect for lips, shoulders and other burn-prone areas.
FOOTPROTECTION-Obviously you will be wearing well cushioned trainers [I went Runners Need in Canary Wharf where they analyse  your gait in order to help find the most suitable trainers] But on the day it is a must to protect your feet from painful blisters. Simply coat your feet in a thick greasy cream inside your socks. I used Keihls Imperial Body Balm but you could use good old Vaseline.
SUNGLASSES- Protecting your eyes from sun and dust and pollution is a must! Get a big pair of bug eyes that fit securely!
CLEANSING WIPES- I took Body Shop Gentle Wipes with Vitamin E
MAKE-UP . Ok well all you need is some gorgeous Nail Varnish! Any other make-up on your face will simply block pores and end up everywhere! So i wore Barry M Nail Paint in Shocking Pink 272.

Happy Running !