Monday, 18 April 2011

Allergy and redness skincare solutions.

Ok , Just a quick blog post to share some information i hope is helpful.
Anyone  following me on twitter will know that i have been suffering a nightmare allergy  reaction to a product i used last week .The reaction being rather like waking up to a hot 'sunburnt' face with skin like sandpaper, rather than a rash . Anyone that knows me, will know that i am obsessive about maintaining perfect skin and that i am constantly trying out new products i am sent . I have also never had a reaction to a skin product before so have been working hard to find solutions to calm it down , and then cover it up.

I would not be writing this if what i tried had not worked wonders. I am totally open to natural and high tech skincare , but i decided to try Bio Active Aloe Vera gel for its soothing moisturizing properties and high strength Manuka honey with its healing antibacterial properties and cucumber! I massaged both in to my skin twice a day and left on as a mask and the results have been skin almost back to normal smoothness. I plan to continue using both as masks.

There are many concealing products out there , but the ones i have found most effective to totally cover any redness are :
1. Clinique - Redness Solutions , a foundation with SPF 15.This is very important as the last thing you want on a red irritated skin is sunlight.
2. Benefit "Boi-ing" a very heavy duty but smooth concealer.
3. Teosyal Covering Repair concealer, amazing at correcting skin imperfections and containing arnica to reduce inflammation.
Sorry there are no before and after photos , you will have to take my word for it !


Thursday, 14 April 2011

Jelly inspired lip balm Chubby Sticks at Clinique.

To follow on from my last blog post about perfect lipstick application, today i went to the press launch of Clinique 's new Chubby Stick lip balm pencils. There are 8 beautiful colours inspired by the beautiful clear colour of jelly !They are incredibly quick and easy to apply and there are shades for every season. 
The beautiful jelly sculpture was created by jellymongers Bompas and Parr who create spectacular architectural  food experiences  [2nd image]. Today we sampled little jellies with flavours of the lip pencils.

I love them !!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

My tips for perfect lipstick.

Applying lipstick seems to be one of the make-up areas  women find most difficult. I am not going to start telling you which colour you should wear if your hair is blonde ,or if your eyes are blue etc, as this becomes incredibly confusing and i believe you should wear what you want ! But i am going to give you a list of tips and rules  to help you get the best from your lipsticks and make your choice of colour .
1. You need to start with a smooth base. Lips look awful if they are dry and flaky. Regularly coat with a layer of moisuriser or lipbalm [you can leave it a while] , then using an old toothbrush , brush in circular movements to remove dead skin. The action will also increase circulation and help plump them up.
Also , regular use of a lipbalm containing SPFs as the skin on your lips is thinner  than the rest of your face so needs extra protection.
2. Whatever look you are trying to achieve, start by rubbing in a little non greasy lipbalm , not too much or your colour will slide straight off again and bleed at the edges
3. If you want a light colour wash  , select your colour then apply with your index finger rubbing in  carefully so there no harsh lines. 
4.Try mixing your lipstick with a little lip balm for a light tint.
5. For a stronger long lasting look, apply with a lipbrush very carefully drawing around your lips first then filling in. Do this 3 times blotting lightly with a tissue between layers. When you blot simply press the tissue against your lips.
6.To make your lips look fuller apply a dot of lipgloss to the centre of your lips.
7.To prevent bleeding , try outlining lips with a skin toned pencil at the edges first .
8. For extra long lasting colour, try using a lip pencil all over your lips under your lipstick or alone as a matt look in itself.
9. Prevent lipstick on your teeth by pulling your index finger through the centre of your closed lips.
10. Things to avoid! 
*Outlining lips outside of your natural lipline, a very dated look, and you risk  being left with a strange line once the lipstick has worn off!
*If you just cant master the art of lipstick application, avoid applying with a very sharp edge as you will only emphasise a wonky application !
11. A few "Rules"
* Dark colours will make thin lips  look thinner and light colours thicker !
*Matte colour will minimize lips.
*Glossy colour will magnify lips.
*Red lipstick will always draw attention to your face , and if you think you can't wear it, try as a light stain above .

Ok , as ever there are trends in colours , and at the moment i am working a lot with some very strong pure colours and 3 of my favourites are a bright orange by Sisley [Mandarine] , a bright Fuschia by YSL [07] and a bright red by YSL [01] . Which can all be used as a strong statement or a light wash.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Had a lovely day on 18th March shooting Gary Harvey [] with Gorgeous Joy Mcclaren [runner up in Britains Next Top Model ] wearing one of his amazing upcycled dresses - this one was made from vintage silk scarves, for E.S. Magazine. Gary is fashion  director of 125 magazine and searches charity shops ,jumbles sales and markets for fabrics to use . Gary also made the beautiful dress for Livia Firth ,owner of Eco Age, to wear at the Oscars recently [pictured above .] Above you can see some of Gary's other beautiful dresses.
E.S. image:
Photographer  : Andrew Lamb
Model : Joy McClaren
Make up : I used products by Givenchy .

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Spring Blusher Inspiration .

Spring is the time for rethinking everything [spring cleaning !] and that includes your make-up ! 
I am feeling very inspired by all the beautiful spring blossoms , they are out for such a short time , which kind of heightens their intensity. 
Blusher is a good place to start to create a fresh new look, and its really very simple:
Create a fresh glowing base , don't try to create a tan as a pale face is perfect for this look.Keep your eyes very simple with a few strokes of mascara, and lips need nothing more than a pinky stain or clear gloss. Brush on a touch of translucent powder then apply one of the beautiful pinky/peachy blushers in a circular motion to the apples of your cheeks.

My favorites for this look are Benefit "Dandelion" a lovely fresh pink and Shu Uemura in "M Pink" or "MPeach " all beautiful freshspring like colours. Don't be scared to make a feature of your beautiful blusher.