Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Left : Revlon Fire and Ice Super Lustrous lipstick on lovely model Gara Noel at Models One. Right : Applying Revlon Cherry Blossom to gorgeous  Ella Catliff .

If you live in fear fear of wearing red lipstick stop now !  Depending on the shade and finish there will always be one perfect for you !

In order to choose a SHADE take a look at your skin tone/colour :
Pale porcelain : Try a blue/pink toned red to make your skin tone warmer.
Olive skin : Try a lovely raspberry/berry  red  with your warm skin tone or an orange based red.
Black skin : Can look wonderful with rich dark plum shades.
No rules are ever set in stone though as hair colour , outfit and your mood are important ! Just experiment !

*Start with with well moisturized but dry lips, exfoliate if needed as strong lipstick will accentuate faults!
*For maximum longevity start with a thin layer of concealer or lipbase.
*Line with a lipliner that matches your lipstick to prevent feathering .
*Apply lipstick with a lipbrush tracing the shape of your lips carefully evening out uneven lips.
*Blot and repeat if you want your lipstick to last .
* Add lipgloss if required!

TEXTURE is often more important !
*Try a stain effect rubbed in to lips with your fingers for a more subtle but modern look without the need for perfect edges.
*Sheer balm-like textures are good for a fresh young look.
*Matt lipstick is great for a sophisticated look and will last the longest .

*Pull your index finger through your lips to prevent lipstick on your teeth .
*Pair a bold red lip with a nude eye for a modern look.

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